A day part crazy and part lazy

Here's a recent page I did about an old topic I blogged about back in July 2008. I'm trying to cover some 2008 topics before moving onto more of 2009. Otherwise, I might never get back to those! Anyway, a page to pass the time. Enjoy.

2008 07 12 Lazy Saturday - blog

Here's the journaling:

There wasn’t much special about this day, other than that the two of you were stuck inside on a rainy day and getting along surprisingly well. Daddy was out of town, visiting Uncle Seth and Papa and Omi in Colorado, and the three of us were hanging out at home, taking a breather from the hum of everyday life. If Chad had been home, we probably would have come up with something to do on this Saturday, but because you guys were getting along and the weather was dismal, I decided to keep us indoors and take advantage of a lazy summer Saturday.

I love that the pictures capture a glimpse of our everyday lives right now. E, you’re entertaining yourself with simple things like the round basket we keep our extra gloves and Halloween costumes in. You’re excellent at self-entertaining. And G, you’re posing for photos for me, and outside these pictures, you were also hanging out watching a movie, snuggled up with Jack. I also captured a sweet moment between the two of you, building a train track together. G, you were hunting down pieces and putting the track together, while E, you were marking the pieces off the “map” as you went. It was a short-lived moment (G, once you were stuck looking for a piece, you moved on to other things), but it was just a simple moment I want to remember. I also love the shot of you making silly faces together. It captures your love for having fun, something I cherish in the two of you. You guys won’t be this young for long, and soon enough, you’ll be going your separate ways on a daily basis. So I’ll soak it in while I can.

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  1. Cor, what a cute scrapbook page! I love the heading for it and love the pics. I laugh when you say you are so behind on scrappin’. You are doing great and you should be so proud of yourself for making those special memories for your kiddos. You inspire me to do better myself! If only time were limitless! I love those crazy/lazy days though…they are some of my favs!

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