A day in Shades

2009 07 05 Shades State Park

We have been quite busy lately, and I have lots of events and little things happening that I want to scrapbook and/or blog about. Here is one of those. Last weekend, we went to Shades State Park and thoroughly enjoyed a creek hike. I absolutely love creek hikes; they remind me of lots of enjoyable fall visits with my dad when I was growing up. (He had lived in Florida and came to see us every fall. We went down there to visit him several times a year, too, but creek hiking in Florida — alongside the alligators — would probably not be a good idea!)

Anyway, last weekend, we enjoyed a creek hike of our own. And as often as we have gone hiking with the kids, dabbling our toes in water on occasion, I don't believe we have ever found a true creek trail like this one. (We typically stay with Turkey Run State Park, which doesn't have much in the way of creeks.)

Here is the journaling: When I was a little girl, my dad (your Papa) would come to Indiana every fall. Each year, we would try to squeeze in a hike in a state park. If we could find a good creek hike, our day was made! Flash forward 20 years or so, and here we are in 2009. Chad and I have always loved going hiking in state parks, and since the two of you have been born, we’ve been hiking several times. But this trip to Shades State Park in Waveland, Ind., is safely one of our favorites to dates! Without realizing what we were getting into, we set off on Trail 5, headed down to the shores of Sugar Creek for some rock skipping, and headed back. For some reason, we chose to head back on Trail 4, and we were so glad we did! It was a true creek hike at its best—narrow, wet and rugged. Daddy carried E** most of the way, but even she got in on the fun. It was a great hike! And we’ll be back!

Sources • Notebook paper: Karen Lewis, Flutter freebie. Background: K Teague, Dirty Stocks, tan. Tab: Tracy Collins, Welcome Back kit, altered with clipped paper from K Teague, Dirty Stocks kit, green. Fabric ribbon flower (altered color): LouCeeCreations, A Touch of Class kit.

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