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Remember this topic? A while back, I started listing on my blog 101 things I love and don’t. It was a working list that I never quite finished here. But I have been, here and there, adding to my “things I love” list offline, and I finally finished it last night! I figured if I started the layout, I would be more likely to finish the list. :o) So I did just that.

I decided to quit the “101 things that bug me” list, for two reasons. One, I was having trouble thinking of 101 things. And two, I decided that I really needed to just focus on the positives. There’s no reason to dwell on the things that make me feel crummy.

So here is my final layout. Rather than copy and paste the text from 101 text boxes in the PSD file so you can read it here, I decided to just post a larger version and let you read it in the layout. So click on the pic above for the full-size version if you’re interested in reading all of those tiny little boxes!

If you’re a scrapbooker (and even if you’re not), I’d highly recommend making a 101 list of your own. Not only did it make me realize that I had 101 things (actually, even more) in my life that make me happy, but this list paints a nice picture of who I am right now. I hope that my kids will some day enjoy looking back on this list and remembering me…especially after I’m gone! :o) I also posted this layout on my bulletin board behind my computer at my desk, so I glance up at it now and then and can remember that there are lots of things that make me happy, even when I’m stressed out! :o) Anyway, take some time to make your own list. And please share some of your 101 things in my comments section! (Just click on the word Comments right below this message.) I’d love to read them! :o)

Digital scrapbooking element credits: Most pieces are from the Cabana Boy kit by Dani Mogstad. The ribbons are from Katie Pertiet’s Little Princess kit. Fonts are Blue Highway Free D (from MacFonts CD) and Black Jack from MyFonts.com

4 thoughts on “101 Things I Love”

  1. No problem, Michele. If anyone else reads this and would like the template (layered PSD file), just e-mail me at corie at corie communications dot com. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the template to this layout! I’m on about 80 of my list. It is nice to focus on the positives. Sometimes it’s a good reminder of what you have in your life.

  3. Thanks, Teresa, for your comment! I had several comments on Facebook, but my little blog post was feeling lonely! :o) Anyway, it’s a page I’d highly recommend doing. It was fun! (And it was on my list of pages to do for a LONG time!) :o)

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