101 things I love and don’t, part 2

Well, I started this list last July (gulp) and haven't done a thing with it since, so I thought I'd add to it and get the sparks going again. This would be a fun page to scrap someday. We'll see. Here is Part 2 of my list, 101 Things I Love and Don't. Add your pet peeves and loves in the comment section if you so desire! :o) I'd love to hear them (and get some more ideas for my own list!).

I'll start with the negatives so we can end on a positive note…

101 Things That Bug Me (part 2) {Read part 1 here}

11.    Chuck E. Cheese
12.    Having to repeat myself (over and over and over) when someone's not listening
13.    Bugs, especially big spiders, in the house
14.    Bad breath
15.    Feeling cramped in my work space
16.    Bug bites
17.    Sunburn
18.    Tornadoes
19.    Anticipating severe weather
20.    Well water
21.    Hypocritical people in the spotlight (i.e. John Edwards preaching about morality while having an affair…and a number of other politicians and their similar actions)
22.    Traffic jams
23.    Wasp stings
24.    Toys that are packaged in 1800 wires, strings and plastic cords
25.    The smell of our local asphalt plant (mixed with the smell of the landfill, it's lovely)
26.    Receiving drippy drinks at the drive-through window
27.    Debt
28.    Opinionated, outspoken people (like Whoopi Goldberg)
29.    Spiders
30.    Snakes

101 Things I Love (part 2) {Read part 1 here}

11.    Staying all night in hotels
12.    Vacations, although it's hard to remember what those are like! (One coming up this week, though!)
13.    Time alone to get stuff done, think, read magazines, organize pictures, scrapbook, anything I want in the quiet of my house
14.    Chocolate! (This should have been in my top 10…right after family!)
15.    Making lists
16.    Marking things off my lists
17.    Blogging
18.    Reading other people's blogs
19.    Photography
20.    Watching my savings account grow (ever so slowly)
21.    Sweet people (although I have to admit there is such a thing as too sweet!)
22.    A clean workspace
23.    Organizing stuff
24.    Alphabet stamps, stickers and Cricut cartridges (for die cutting and scrapbooking)
25.    Learning new things about Photoshop
26.    Driving in the country with the windows down on a cool summer evening
27.    Reminiscing about old times
28.    Colbie Caillat (probably spelling that wrong…too tired to look it up right now)
29.    Creating, especially things on paper
30.    Long chats with my 4-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son

More to come…eventually!

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What do you think?

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