What is Story Squad?

Story Squad is a crowd of people who love our photos and our memories — but find ourselves in the midst of all the things. We’re busy. We’re pulled in 100 different directions. We have active families or communities or careers that make having a creative hobby seem like something for someone else to enjoy.

But we’re also pros at getting a lot done in as little time as possible. We look for ways to squeeze in the things that bring us joy. We are great at finding deals for the things that mean the most to us. And we’re not afraid to let someone else do the hardest or most time-consuming work that needs to be done.

Story Squad is a group of people like you. And our Story Squad program is designed to make it quick, easy and enjoyable to put together pages and albums of our favorite photos and memories. It’s a course and a membership program that offer everything you need to get yourself out of photo frustration and fill your shelves with tangible albums (no device screen required!) that you can share with those you love. 

Two Ways to Join the Squad

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